what is gluten free diet

We should know what is gluten free diet. Using gluten may cause very dangerous complication in human organism. Celiac disease is an autoimmune disease that occurs in people who are genetically predisposed when exposed to food gluten. The global incidence is on average 1: 100 cases.

Metabolic, immunological, environmental, infectious and bacterial factors influence disease development. Gluten proteins show considerable resistance to complete digestion and in the form of long chain peptides reach the intestinal villi.

In people affected by celiac disease, changes in the permeability of the mucosa initiating the development of the disease are observed, which, after passing through the intestinal epithelium, induce an innate and adaptive response of the immune system.Gluten is widely used in the food industry, it is used in the production of baked goods, food concentrates, acts as an edible coating that naturally extends the freshness of the product. It is also available as a carrier for aromas, an additional substance in dairy products, ice cream, sausages, sauces and spices.

Gluten-free diet for everyone

Gluten hypersensitivity refers to those cases of gluten intolerance in which, based on diagnostic tests, celiac disease (negative antibody result) and wheat allergy have been ruled out. The disease mainly affects adults and is characterized by occurrence of one or more often many symptoms, not only from the digestive system, and include: abdominal pain, rash, eczema, headache, fatigue, diarrhea, flatulence, constipation, anemia, limb numbness and pain, weakness / fainting, burning in the esophagus, nausea and vomiting, glossitis. It’s very important to know what is gluten free diet. It may be so important for people who suffer from cellac. Another issue that can affect adults with celiac disease is trouble getting pregnant or having it (generally with your partners’ fertility). These problems are usually associated with exhaustion in untreated celiac disease.

Deficiencies originating in absorption disorders are the cause of further ailments and diseases, including fertility problems. It is comforting that usually the diagnosis of celiac disease and its proper treatment (strict diet, possibly supplementation with micronutrients) allows for healthy offspring. A number of psychological problems can arise in untreated celiac disease, with which patients report to specialists. These are mainly neuroses, depressions and various types of neurological disorders, especially peripheral nerve damage, ataxia, seizures. Quite often there are disorders in the emotional sphere, problems with concentration of attention, irritability, a sense of lower value.

So what is gluten free diet?

The basis of celiac treatment is a gluten-free diet. After the regeneration of intestinal villi, the diet used in celiac disease should be age-appropriate and meet all the principles of rational nutrition, formulated for healthy people. The same is true for gluten allergies. Let’s try to replace gluten-containing products with their gluten-free counterparts. Let’s not give up our habits, let’s eat sandwiches, pasta, dumplings, pancakes, but gluten-free. We should remember that in the case of celiac disease, the diet will accompany us for the rest of our lives. We should remember what is gluten free diet and what we can eat. For each meal, we choose gluten-free cereals, bread and gluten-free pasta, preferably whole grains, as well as potatoes, brown rice, buckwheat, millet.

Vegetables and fruits (3-5 servings per day) are rich in fiber, vitamins, microelements and antioxidants. Dairy products (3-4 servings daily) – milk, white cheese, yogurt or kefir (a good source of protein, calcium and vitamins), let’s choose these with reduced fat content. If we do not tolerate lactose or are allergic to cow’s milk protein, we can use dairy substitutes; fats (2 portions a day, 10g each) – contain fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamins. We eat animal fats such as butter in small quantities, while we choose vegetable fats: olive oil and rapeseed oil.


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